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Our Labradors are like a member of the family. They have the greatest temperment for the conformation ring, obedience, hunting companion and the family pet. We breed chocolate, yellow and black Labradors to standard.

The Labrador Retriever originated on the Island of Newfoundland rather than Labrador. The appellation, "Labrador", was used to distinguish him from his larger cousin, the Newfoundland. During the nineteenth century visitors to Newfoundland frequently wrote of the short haired dogs that were admirable retrievers, and these dogs were imported to England by returning fisherman. The dogs, originally used by the local wildfowlers, eventually came to the attention of aristocratic sportsman impressed by the dog’s ability in the field. These aristocrats used imported dogs from Newfoundland to establish the foundation kennels of the breed.

The general appearance of the Labrador should be a strongly built, short-coupled, very active dog. He should be fairely wide over the loins, and strong and muscular in the hindquarters.

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